10 Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better

Can’t sleep? There’s an app for that. Or at least a gadget.

Not getting enough sleep can result in poor performance at work, bad moods and even a weakened immune system. Therefore, it’s important that you consistently get a good night’s rest -- and these products, from customized alarms to smart sleep masks, promise to help.

Check out these 10 gadgets to help you get more shut-eye.


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Say goodbye to nose strips and ear plugs, Toronto-based tech company NORA says it has a solution for snoring.

NORA aims to be a non-invasive, silent and portable tech gadget. You place one piece of it on a surface near your bed and the second piece (a padded insert) in your pillow. When the device detects any snoring, the mini pump in the pillow insert will inflate and deflate -- gently moving the pillow, and as a result, stops snoring.

With an estimated release of November 2016, you can pre-order NORA for $300.

Nox Sleep Light


It may be time to disable your iPhone alarm clock. Here’s a bedside system that aims to help you naturally wake up.

By placing a giant band on top of your mattress, the Nox system measures sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing rate and how much you’re tossing and turning.

The data gathered is sent to an app connected to a bedside light that aspires to provide the perfect lighting and sounds to wake you up naturally. The light also apparently helps you get sound sleep by producing red wavelengths and soothing sounds that increase melatonin levels.

Nox is available online for $149.99.

Chrona Pillow Insert

Chrona | Facebook

It may look like a pillow, but it does a lot more.

“Chrona turns any pillow into a Smartpillow,” says the company’s website. The pillow topper tracks and enhances the quality of your sleep by measuring the movements of your head and torso.

It emits low-frequency noises to boost your deep sleep and higher frequency ones to help you wake up.

You can pre-order the Chrona pillow insert for $169 for delivery by January 2017.

2breathe Sleep Monitor


The first thing we’re often told to do to cope with stress and anxiety is breathe. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

2breathe may make your life easier. It's a sensor worn around the torso to monitor your inhales and exhales and transmits the data to an app via Bluetooth. The app then transforms the breathing into tones that guide the user in sleep-inducing breathing exercises.

2breathe is available online for $179.95.

Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask

Glo to Sleep

Time to lose your old cotton sleep mask and upgrade to this digital one that not only helps you fall asleep, but wake up, too.

The Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask uses a gently dimming light that supposedly puts you right to sleep and a brightening light that can help you comfortably wake up.

Various versions are available from $29.99 to $39.99 on the company's website.

Sense Sleep System

Sense | Facebook

Sense claims to be the most compact sleep monitor on the market today. It may the most beautiful, too.

By placing the ball-shaped gadget on your bedside table and clipping the “Sleep Pill” (no bigger than the size of a quarter) to your pillow, Sense monitors your sleep and provides a full summary. From heat, sound, brightness, humidity, air quality and noise levels -- the device aims to help you understand and improve every aspect of your zzz's.

Sense also features a smart alarm that claims to pull you out of your slumber at the perfect time during your sleep cycle.

Sense sleep system is available online for $129.

UP3 by Jawbone

Jawbone | Facebook

The fitness tracker has gone beyond just counting steps.

UP3 by Jawbone not only tracks your activities and heart health, but also your sleep. The tracker measures your Deep, Light and REM sleep stages and provides tips for better rest.

Jawbone’s UP3 is available on its website for $129.99.

Hush Smart Earplug

Hush | Facebook

Noise is one of the top sleep disruptors, and traditional earplugs just don’t cut it for many people.

Hush Smart Earplugs help you sleep through all the noise, combining soothing sounds to ensure peaceful sleep. The earplugs communicate with an app that decides which sounds to play.

Hush Smart Earplugs are available at various online retailers like Brookstone.com for $149.99.

Rythm Dreem Headband

Rythm | Facebook

The Rythm Dreem Headband is different than your typical sleep monitor.

Rather than measuring your bedtime movements, the headband monitors brain activity to stimulate soothing sounds that can help you sleep better.

Still in testing mode, you can apply to try the gadget for free by applying on the company's website.

Aura Connected Alarm Clock

Withings Aura | Facebook

Whether you like an abrupt wake up call or a gradual one, the Aura Connected Alarm Clock gives you a choice.

The bedside lamp uses a customized program for your preferred method of wake up, and can play your favorite songs by syncing up to the radio or your Spotify playlists.

Aura alarm clock is available online for $189.95.