Sad Road, Despair Island, Mt. Despair: Instagram account catalogs saddest places on earth

Have you ever wondered where the saddest, most depressing, place on earth is located?

The Instagram account Sad Topographies has taken to Google Maps to find locations with the most tragic sounding names. With the tagline “Some where to go, when you’re feeling low,” the account has racked up over 11,000 follows in search of hilarious, but ultimately dismal sounding, place names.

Now, we're not saying these maudlin-sounding places are actually bleak.  But luckily, each post is accompanied by details on where these woefully named places are located across the globe--so you can check them out yourself.

Here are a few our favorites below:

Don't bring Fido here.

The perfect place to go for a post-breakup drive. 

Ghost hunters love this place.

We'll just take their word for it. 

Turn back, happy people.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. No problem.