Passenger attempts to smuggle $50G of gross-looking 'gold paste' through India airport

Airport security manages to spot all kinds of things, from rare animals to strange weapons, hidden in passengers’ bags.

But this piece of contraband sets a completely new standard in smuggling. A gold standard, if you will.

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Revenue intelligence officials at Hyderabad Airport, also known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, in Telangana, India, stopped one passenger who was trying to smuggle gold in an strange, semi-liquid form.

And it looks like, well, you’ll get the picture as soon as you see it.

The gold paste, even though it looks like human waste to put it politely, contained over a kilo (1120.780 grams) of actual gold, the Economic Times reported. The paste is reported to have a market value of 34,57,606 Indian rupees, or over $50,000 USD.

According to The Art of Jewellery, the paste is heated with kerosene in order to extract the gold. But people on the internet are mostly fascinated by this unique form of precious metal.

They say all the glitters isn’t gold, but apparently some squishy, brownish muck is.

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