Manchester United Players Star in New Turkish Airlines Safety Video

Pilot hats off to Turkish Airlines for trying to make an airline safety video that passengers actually want to pay attention to. It combines humor with British soccer studs to do away with those stuffy clips that people likely don't even watch (guilty as charged, here.)

In a nutshell, the beautiful Turkish Air flight attendant and her cast of model passengers serve to show viewers what to do in emergency situations. Such proper emergency etiquette is alternated with members of England's Manchester United soccer team demonstrating farcical versions of what not to do.

Heads up: Don't even think about using a cell phone on the flight lest you get red-carded like Wayne Rooney.

Sure, it may try a little too hard, and some of the jokes don't really make sense, but it's certainly a welcome change. And compared to Air New Zealand's use of Richard Simmons in a recent video (not to mention a previous version with a naked cabin crew), or Qantas' ploy to get heads turning with John Travolta, this is fairly harmless.

Judge for yourself and let us know what you think.

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