Five star hotels for less than $200

The slow economic recovery has at least one advantage: Five-star hotels, with their plush memory foam beds, high thread count sheets, fresh floral arrangements and spacious suites may be within  reach for many travelers.

Rooms at some of the finest hotels around the world are offering rooms for less than $200, according to

Victor Owens, vice president and general manager of for North America, says there is no better time for consumers to take advantage of the lavish rooms at lower prices.

Looking to strike it rich in Las Vegas while traveling like wealthy? According to, the average nightly rate for THEhotel at Mandalay Bay is $100.

If exploring historic sites in Italy better suits your travel taste, says the Hotel Relais Dell Orologio in Pisa lists at $199 on average and it’s just minutes away from the Leaning Tower.

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Or for those who really just want to relax on the beach and soak in the sun, Owens says consider the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa in Thailand, which the average daily rate on is $102.

While business travel is picking up on weekdays, Owens says much to the delight of those looking to take a quick trip - weekends prices are staying low in many locations.

“The weekends are a great opportunity for consumers, leisure travelers to find a great deal,” Owens said.

Since hotel rates fluctuate, Owens says there are several things to think about when selecting a destination and planning an ultimate getaway. If traveling internationally, book the room at least a month or two in advance to secure the best price. Though when traveling domestically, he says people may even be able to score a highly rated room on short notice.

“There’s always a strong proposition to booking sooner rather than later,” Owens said. “They can offer tremendous bargains further out. So what we call a long-booking window can work in your favor. However, if you arrive at the last minute and don’t have a hotel – there’s also last minute deals and last minute room inventory that you can take advantage of as well.”

Owens says there are several ways for consumers to find the best rates. First, he suggests setting up an email alert through a booking website where you can be notified if the price is right for you.

“Let us do the work for you so consumers don't have to check out and scour a site trying to find those deals,” Owens said.

He also suggests calling a travel or booking agency if you’re looking for ideas of where to visit.

“We've got experts on the phone who can find all of those great deals for you,” Owens said. “There's really an opportunity for consumers to put other people to use for them because there's plenty of people out there who are scouring the globe for these great deals.”

Owens says some hotels and resorts around the world are offering five-star hotels at typically three and four-star prices. For beach destinations, he suggests considering vacationing in the Mexican peninsula, along the southern tip of the United States or Asia.

If you’re looking to explore Europe, Owens urges travelers consider some of the smaller cities.

“Historically, Americans have really been attracted to the London, Paris, and Rome of Europe,” Owens said. “Because of some of the political turmoil and economic instability in the rest of Europe – you’re finding some of the lesser known capitals are doing brisk business as well. Warsaw, Poland falls into that category as does Lisbon, Portugal, Brussels and a couple of other places.”

He says no one will regret trading up for the five-star experience and now is the time to book your unforgettable vacation where you’ll enjoy the perks of plush stays.

“A five-star hotel offers a tremendous amount of amenities that consumers just aren’t used to,” Owens said. “There are fantastic restaurants, fantastic spas, and fantastic recreational facilities."

So  for $200 or less a night, you can afford to de-stress and let someone else serve you.