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Case Closed?

Portuguese officials to announce fate of Madeleine McCann investigation

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  1. Fox Flash: Swimsuit Stunner


  2. Herd of Goats to the Rescue

    Goats clear way for native plants, insects ravaged by wildfires

  3. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    Greg and Andy bicker over breakfast bars

  4. Today's Market News: 3/24

    Economic stress continues as oil prices increase

  5. Around the World: Deadly Attack in Iraq

    Attacker detonates car bomb outside army battalion headquarters near Baghdad

  6. Freshman Class: Rep. David Cicilline

    Rhode Island Democrat tackling unemployment

  7. Today's Market News - 3/30

    Market news you need to know

  8. What's Job Number 1 for New Congress?

    Incoming Republican Senator Mark Kirk on getting off to fast start in the Senate

  9. How Does GOP Plan to Cut Spending?

    Rep. Jordan lays out where Washington can trim the fat

  10. All Drama for Obama

    Potential 2012 candidate Rick Santorum analyzes Pres. Obama's handling of crisis in Libya

  11. Around the World: Major Drug Raid in Spain

    Police in Madrid smash largest cocaine lab in Europe

  12. Today’s Market News: Eye on Oil

    Instability in the Middle East keeps the focus on crude prices

  1. Protests Turn Violent Over Austerity Cuts in Brussels

    EU Parliament member Daniel Hannan on financial crisis hitting Europe, Libyan conflict

  2. Global Consumer Confidence Survey

    Who's feeling good about their economy?

  3. FOX Week In Review, 7/25/08

    Hurricane Dolly, NH twisters, near air disaster, missing girls, Obama and McCain and Batman busted

  4. First Dog Debate

    Should the Obamas get a Labradoodle or Portuguese water hound?

  5. Around the World: 11/19

    Robbery suspect caught with pants down in Portugal ; boy's head stuck in cement wall in Thailand

  6. Around the World: 5/14

    Pope gets high-tech gifts in Portugal ; robbery rescue caught on camera in U.K.

  7. SUV Crashes into Liquor Store

    Driver reaches for a beer

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