Colonial Williamsburg In 5…

There is much more to see in Colonial Williamsburg than horse-drawn carriages and costumed characters. Learn about life for the citizens of the Revolutionary War-era town at the world's largest living history museum.  Taste some of George Washington’s favorite dishes at local taverns and shop for petticoats in case you are running low. Williamsburg has something for everyone and is a great place for families to visit.

5…Relax at Luxury Resorts
You won’t be staying in a log cabin when you visit the colonial Virginian town.  Colonial Williamsburg has several hotels and authentic colonial houses, all equipped with modern day plumbing and electricity, for guests to stay. The Governor’s Inn is perfect for families and is a short walk from town. Guests are served a complementary continental breakfast and are encouraged to take advantage of the outdoor pool during the summer months.  The elegant Williamsburg Inn is another great option, but if you are looking for a more authentic experience, try staying at one of the site’s historic houses.

4…Fine Dining
Dine at one of our nation’s founding member’s eateries of choice. Enjoy the best 18th century cuisine while being served by a waiter in the latest colonial fashions. Some taverns offer live music and candlelit dinners.

Visit George Washington’s favorite seafood dishes at Christiana Campbell’s Tavern. The menu includes crab cakes, filet of beef with crab-stuffed shrimp and southern spoon bread. Shields Tavern offers the best of southern comfort food with a colonial twist.  Dinners include seafood gumbo, buffalo meatloaf and ale potted beef. Don’t forget to try their peanut butter pie and spiced carrot cake. The King’s Arms Tavern is another guest favorite and serves Virginia ham, colonial game pie and peanut soup. For a fine dining experience, try the Regency Room at the Williamsburg Inn.

Take a break from the history and spend the afternoon at the one of the many golf courses in Williamsburg. The Golden Horseshoe Golf Club in very close to the Revolutionary City and includes internationally recognized Gold and Green courses.

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Rejuvenate at Colonial Williamsburg’s award-winning spa. Also check out the fitness center which offers daily classes from meditation to kickboxing.

2…Shop the Latest 18th Century Fashions
No trip is complete without a little shopping. Colonial Williamsburg offers only the best straw hats, cloaks and petticoats at the Mary Dickinson Shop.  Looking for new home furnishings? Try the John Greenhow Store for willow baskets, fine imported porcelain and fabrics. Be sure to visit Golden Ball for the finest reproduction jewelry. Silversmiths worked hard to forge one-of-a-kind earrings, pendants and more from sterling silver, brass and pewter.

1…Kickin’ It 18th Century Style
The main reason to visit Colonial Williamsburg is to learn about the nation’s founding. Watch as inhabitants of the Revolutionary town work hard to make history come alive. Visit blacksmiths, wigmakers, and tailors to learn about the various trades of the original habitants. Go see the Courthouse upon whose steps Benjamin Waller read the Declaration of Independence. Tour a reconstruction of the Governor’s Palace where Thomas Jefferson and seven royal governors once lived. Watch a militia unit train to protect the colony. Plan ahead as there is much to see in this historic town.