Backpackers die in Cambodia after taking pills for food poisoning from local pharmacist

Two young backpackers were found dead in a Cambodia hostel after reportedly taking medication for an upset stomach from a local pharmacy.

22-year-old Natalie Seymour from England and her Canadian friend, 27-year-old Abbey Gail Amisola, were staying at the Monkey Republic Hostel in Kampot when they became ill from suspected food poisoning, according to The Daily Mail. The two are believed to have died from an accidental overdose from the over-the-counter medicine they took for their symptoms.

27-year-old Abbey Gail Amisola and her friend, 22-year-old Natalie Seymour were rushed to the hospital, but couldn't be revived

27-year-old Abbey Gail Amisola and her friend, 22-year-old Natalie Seymour were rushed to the hospital, but couldn't be revived (Facebook)


A spokesperson for the hostel told the BBC Seymour and Amisola had been feeling sick and visited the pharmacy to get medication. Seymour’s mother, Wendy Bowler, confirmed to the Daily Mail that her daughter had sent a text saying she “wasn't well” and “might go and get something to make her feel better.”

After later being discovered by staff, the two women were rushed to the local hospital, but were unable to be revived, according to the Daily Mail.

The Cambodian Immigration Department posted news of the women’s’ death, along with photos of their passport IDs, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. Bowler told the Daily Mail police informed her of her daughter’s passing early Tuesday morning.

The hostel released a statement to the BBC following the women’s death: "The staff at Monkey Republic are devastated by the tragic deaths of the two young women on Monday morning. The local police are investigating possible causes, and we're respecting the privacy of the women's families, who are in contact with the British and Canadian embassies."


Seymour traveled to Cambodia last week with a one-way ticket to meet up with Amisola, whom she met last year in Bali. Bowler told the Daily Mail her daughter was passionate about travel.

“They were doing all these sight-seeing things, she loved all that sort of stuff … She told us every day where she was going to be going and what she was going to be doing, she always really wanted to travel and just wanted a break from work," said Bowler.

In her last post on Instagram, Seymour shared pictures of herself on a boat near Koh Thonsáy island off the Cambodian coast.

A GoFundMe campaign set up for Amisola to bring her body back to Canada for a proper funeral has already reached more than $11,000.