Awesome glaciers you must visit before they melt

It is a harsh truth of nature that some of the most picturesque views on planet Earth are incredibly dangerous and may only be available for a limited time.

Glaciers are bodies of snow that compress into large ice masses over years. They form as snowfall exceeds snowmelt on high mountains. Cracks form in the ice, which cause the glacier to move. This happens due to precipitation and temperature changes.

The fact that glaciers can move is what makes them very unique, and extremely dangerous. Never walk too close to a glacier due to the hazard of falling ice, and be careful when walking; it is possible to slip into an open crevasse.

In addition, glaciers are incapable of adapting to climate variation. As the temperature increases, glaciers are melting and slowly disappearing. The melting of the giant ice sheets are causing flood dangers as the sea level rises.

But, in some locations, even if the climate remained the same, some glaciers are doomed. According to Homeland Security News Wire, “the most conservative findings of a new research on Bhutan, a region in the bull’s-eye of the monsoonal Himalayas, indicate that even if climate remained steady, almost 10 percent of Bhutan’s glaciers would vanish within the next few decades; what is more, the amount of melt water coming off these glaciers could drop by 30 percent”

So, book your trip today and get a look at these spectacular glaciers while you still can.

1. The Antarctic


The Antarctic contains 99% of the world’s glacial ice and some of the most incredible ice formations. Unfortunately, some of the glaciers have begun to melt. The Totten Glacier of East Antarctica is losing ice because warm water is pooling underneath it. According to the Australian Antarctic Division, the amount of ice lost is “equivalent to 100 times the volume of Sydney Harbour every year.”

2. EQI Glacier, Greenland


EQI Glacier is absolutely stunning. But, it is constantly carving and dropping blocks of ice into the water below, thanks to climate change. This causes massive tidal waves and danger for those traveling by boat to the glacier. Stay in the Lodge Eqi for views over the active glacier and opportunities to hike to the Ice Cap or spend the night on the Ice Cap in a tent.

3. Glacier National Park, Montana


SONY DSC (iStock)

Glacier National Park started with 150 active glaciers; today it only has about 25. Sperry Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in the park and has withdrawn about 75 percent since the mid-18th century. According to USGS, mountain snowpacks hold less water and began melting at least two weeks earlier in the spring. The loss of glaciers can negatively impact the parks ecosystems and landscape aesthetics valued by the park visitors. Make sure you get out to Glacier National Park soon if you want to see the remaining glaciers before they’re gone.

4. Pasterze Glacier, Austria

Pasterze Glacier, Grossglockner mountain, Austria

Pasterze Glacier, Grossglockner mountain, Austria (iStock)

Pasterze Glacier is the longest glacier in Austria and sits on the foot of Austria’s largest mountain. It is continuously melting by 33 feet every year. “Austrian geologists have warned that the country's glaciers melted faster this year than ever before and predict that all, including the massive Pasterze glacier, will have vanished by the year 2050,” The Local reports. The loss of Austria’s glaciers will change the supply of irrigation and drinking water, negatively impacting parts of the ski industry.

5. Athabasca Glacier, Canada


Athabasca Glacier is part of the Rocky Mountains Columbia Icefield located in Jasper National Park. It has been shrinking for about 150 years and is losing more than five meters of ice every year. “The U.S. National Climate Assessment said the trend is expected to continue and has implications for hydro-power production, ocean circulation patterns, fisheries and a global rise in sea levels,” according to CBCnews.

Don't delay. Book your trip to these amazing glaciers before they disappear. 

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