Airport anger: JetBlue outage fixed, but chain reaction delays flights around nation

Airports around the nation were thrown into chaos Monday after a JetBlue computer outage caused a chain reaction of delays that affected other airlines and had passengers fuming at the start of the week.

The hour-long delay was fixed by shortly after 6 a.m., according to a tweet from the budget carrier, but air traffic controllers were still trying to sort out the backlog of takeoffs and landings.

“We apologize. The cause of the system-wide outage has been resolved. We should have you on your way shortly,” the company wrote on Twitter.

JetBlue customers, who were for a time forced to rely on paper boarding passes, were venting their anger in tweets of their own.

The airline announced systems were back online, but said "customers may experience some delays throughout the day."

The outage prevented customers from getting boarding passes or checking bags, and passengers reported that JetBlue's check-in agents were manually filling out boarding passes. Long lines formed at airports around the country, according to The Boston Globe.