Windows Phone 8 4G LTE Handsets Finally Coming to Sprint This Summer

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Sprint customers who have been denied access to Windows Phone 8 devices are finally getting some love. Here at CES 2013, Sprint announced that 4G LTE-enabled Windows Phone 8 handsets will finally be arriving this summer.Sprint's Windows Phone 8 rollout will begin with two handsets; one from Samsung and one from HTC. Sprint's Director of Device Delivery Ryan Sullivan stated that we should expect to see announcements of new Windows 8 handsets by the end of Q1. It's possible that these announcements will come at Mobile World Congress next month. Mr. Sullivan stated that "We're working for current product launches, and not necessarily to launch on 6 month old hardware". With that quote in mind, its a little unclear whether new product launches will come with full certainty, or whether these will be existing phones. Needless to say, we're hoping for the former.

These phones will be available on Sprint's Everything Data Plan, which starts at $79.99 per month. The news should come fast and furious, as Mobile World Congress is roughly a month and a half away. In the meantime, stay tuned for further Sprint announcements as well as coverage of all things CES 2013.