Too Sexy for Your iPhone?

Five thousand iPhone apps are too sexy. At least that's what Apple claims. The company has banned what it considers sexually offensive software from its online app store.

In the last few days Apple has removed the objectionable app content including 50 different products from a company called On the Go Girls. Among its offerings is the "Dirty Fingers Sexy Screen Wash." If you haven't seen it, the app features a partially clothed young woman named Amber acting as though she were cleaning your iPhone screen.

Company President Fred Clarke told Fox News Apple's decision will cost the app software developer thousands of dollars a day. Clarke said the sudden change in policy is "unfair" and hypercritical.

He and other app providers want to know why apps from Sports Illustrated and Playboy featuring scantily clad women are still allowed for sale, while many others have been deemed inappropriate.

An Apple spokeswoman in an e-mail to Fox News said "whenever we receive customer complaints about objectionable content we review them. If we find these apps contain inappropriate material we remove them and request the developer make any necessary changes in order to be distributed by Apple."

In an interview with the New York Times, Apple's Senior VP for marketing, Phil Schiller, admitted that the Sports Illustrated app "the difference is that this is a well known company with previously published material in a well accepted format." There was no further explanation provided for why Playboy is acceptable as well as hundreds of sexually themed movies and music for sale in the iTunes store.

Some industry watchers believe Apple is preparing for next month's iPad launch. The iPad which will likely be marketed to schools and families uses the same apps as the iPhone. While apple wants to clean up its image, it seems the "Dirty Fingers Sexy Screen Wash goes too far.