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Tapped-In: Reel Director for the iPad

Edit imported iPhone videos on your iPad

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  1. How Does iPad 2 Stack Up?

    Sneak peak at next generation of Apple tablet computer

  2. Second Break: 2/5

    Panel on new iPad -only newspaper 'The Daily'

  3. Tapped-In: Skype's iPhone App Gets Video Chat

    Use your iPhone to Skype over wi-fi & 3G

  4. Alternative iPhone 4 Cases

    Tech Take: Clayton Morris offers a wide range of alternative iPhone 4 cases to substitute the free Apple bumper case

  5. Apple Unveils New Device Called iPad

    Steve Jobs reveals tablet-like computer

  6. Tapped-In: Track Your Stolen iPhone

    Apps for when you iPhone goes MIA

  7. iPhone Coming to Verizon

    iPhone will come to Verizon early next year. How will this change the market?

  8. Cut, Copy and Paste on Your iPhone

    You love your iPhone and you can't live without it, but it's lacked the basic ability to cut, copy, and paste across multiple apps. With Apple's OS 3.0 upgrade, you can do it all with just a few taps

  9. Create Your Own Ringtone on an iPhone

    Learn to create your own ringtone on an iPhone in just a few easy steps

  10. iPhone : New and Improved

    Apple unveils iPhone 4

  11. How to Type Faster on Your iPhone

    Learn to type faster on your iPhone with these tricks

  12. Clayton Meets the iPad

    Clayton Morris gets some hands on time with the Apple iPad

  1. Create web pages with your iPhone

    A close look at Zapd

  2. Tapped-In: Best iPad Apps of 2010

    Check out our top 10 picks of the year

  3. Tapped-In: Best iPhone Apps of 2010

    Check out our top 10 picks of the year

  4. Winners and Losers of the Week

    Apple computer and 'corn sugar' round out the list

  5. Tapped-In: iRig & AmpliTube for the iPad

    Plug & play electric guitar w/ the iPad

  6. Must-Have iPad Apps

    Tech Take: Clayton Morris shares his favorite apps for the iPad

  7. Tapped-In: Civilization Revolution

    The classic game ported for iPhone & iPad

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