Now you can star in your very own music video, thanks to this app

Have you ever wanted to create your own music video but didn't know where to start? Triller, a new app for iOS, helps users create their own music videos to their favorite songs, and you don't even need any editing skills to do it.

To get started with Triller, you have to choose a song -- either from the app's library or from your own music library -- and select which part of the song you want to cover. Then, you record a couple of takes, as you sing along with your favorite song. If you mess up the lyrics or go way off script, don't worry. Triller lets users record an endless number of takes and customize the footage with one of the app's 14 video filters.

Once you are satisfied with the material, the app automatically edits all the takes together using an algorithm that a professional editor would use to cut a music video. If you don't like the way Triller pieced your takes together, you can simply press re-edit and create a brand new video. To delete a take, just slide your fingers to the left, so it won't be a part of the video. When your music video is ready, you can save the video to your phone or upload it directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other sharing platforms.

App developer David Leiberman, who was the man behind Disney's Frozen Karaoke app, said that he wants to make it easy for music lovers to create their own videos without any background in video editing. To make his idea a reality, Leiberman enlisted the help of music video director Colin Tilley, the mastermind behind music videos by Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and others.

"With Triller, you don't have to be Colin Tilley to make a music video that looks like it was shot by Colin Tilley," Leiberman said in a statement. "The app truly democratizes the music video creation process. Whether you're hanging in the park with friends or an artist on tour, Triller makes it easy and fun to create great-looking music videos."

You can check out some of the most epic Triller videos on the app's Instagram account. If you want to star in your very own music video, you can now download Triller from the App Store here.