Nokia Offers $100 Credit for Lumia 900 Software Bug

The Lumia 900 has already zipped to the top of cell phone charts on Amazon, indicating consumers are sitting up and paying attention to Nokia's one bright blue hope. Now, they have even more reason to consider grabbing a unit. Since Nokia confirmed the existence of data connection issues with the handset, the company has begun to offer a $100 credit to all Lumia 900 users--whether or not they were affected by the issue.

$100 will automatically be credited to AT&T customer bills, as long as the user purchased the Lumia 900 by April 21. Since it costs $100 to get the phone on a new two-year contract, the deal makes the handset essentially free.

Lumia 900 users began experiencing data connection failure on their phones immediately -- a memory management issue related to the software of the handset, not to hardware or to AT&T's network. In order to rectify the problem, users can swap their phones for a good unit at any AT&T retail store, or download the pertinent software update through Zune on April 16.

Nokia certainly deserves props for their generous method of dealing with this problem. If you've already availed of this deal -- or are planning to -- be sure to check out our Top 25 Windows Phone Apps that'll surely give you a few ideas about where to spend all that extra credit you'll soon be enjoying.

via AllThingsD