No Outlets? Hands on With the Yeti 150 Solar Power Pack

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Mobile devices aren't so mobile once the battery dies and we're seeing plenty of solutions here at CES Unveiled 2013. One of the coolest was Goal Zero's Yeti 150, the newest addition to a line of mobile solar powered chargers. The Yeti 150 stores plenty of juice, numerous charges for everything from ereaders to notebooks.

This unit is definitely for people who need real power. Weighing 12 pounds, the Yeti 150 won't slip in your bag or bag pocket but is ideal for camping or emergency situations, such as the recent hurricane Sandy. The unit can get a full charge in around 15 hours using an attachable solar panel or faster if attached to a wall outlet. That charge can then last over 15 smartphone recharges, around 5 tablet recharges, two notebook recharges or around 50 hours of LAL light.