How To: Get iTunes on Your Android

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Even the most die-hard Apple haters likely have iTunes music they wish they could move over to their Android phones. And doubleTwist makes it easy. This free app has a similar look and feel to Apple’s iTunes and allows you to add your iTunes music—as well as non-RDM protected video and photo files—to your Android device. You can either do it in bulk or one song at a time.

Here’s how to get iTunes on your Android device:

  1. Download the doubleTwist Player app from the Google Play store.  
  2. Download and install the doubleTwist desktop client for your Mac or PC from DoubleTwist should automatically detect all of your iTunes music files and display them under Music in the Library tab on the left side of the app’s home screen. 
  3. Connect your Android device to your Mac or PC via its USB cable and select USB Mass Storage from your device's notification bar.
  4. Check the "Music" boxunder the General tab for your device under the Device section of the doubleTwist desktop client. 
  5. Click "Sync" in the bottom right corner of the screen to transfer all the music stored on your computer to your tablet or smartphone.
  6. To add individual albums, check the “Sync Music to My Device” box under the Music tab for your device and select "Only The Selected."  
  7. Select the box next to the album you want to add to your device and click Sync at the bottom of the screen. 
  8. To sync individual songs, open the Music tab under Library on the left side of your screen.  
  9. Drag and drop the songs you want to sync onto the name of your device in the Device tab just like you would in iTunes.