Here are the factions you can expect to see in The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division is shaping up to be one of the largest games Ubisoft has ever produced, and the brand's first attempt at a massive online experience brings with it numerous factions roaming the remains of New York City. And, of course, while some citizens want nothing more than peace to return to the Big Apple, other groups aren't so friendly.

Joining the Division Agents (that's you!) activated in the wake of a massive virus spread throughout the city, is the Joint Task Force. Unlike the specially-trained agents whose sole purpose is to mitigate crises, these are the police, firemen, and National Guard who acted as the first responders when the virus hit the city. Ubisoft says that "they are losing" the battle to hold Manhattan together, and some of your work as a Division agent will be to assist these public servants.

But the city isn't empty; citizens are still trapped inside, and their reactions to seeing you serves as an indicator of their general assessment of your work. "You can actually see a noticeable difference in their behavior when you've done your job right," Ubisoft's Anne Lewis says.

Standing in your way are two factions shown off at this year's E3. First are the "Cleaners," who are taking the "start over" approach to the disaster by burning anything and anyone they come in contact with as an attempt to get rid of the virus. Perhaps scarier, however, are the "Rikers," former prisoners who have escaped from the Rikers Island prison and have made their way into New York City. They seem to offer a similar challenge to that of the criminals in the Batman: Arkham series, with "a bone to pick" with the police and a love for violence (in addition to distinct habits for googling and sitting in chairs).

But as we saw at this year's E3 presentation, your greatest enemy in The Division could very well be your fellow agents. Ruin your friendships when the game launches on March 8, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.