Google's Project Glass Googles Shown Capturing Video

Google has been gradually revealing parts of Project Glass, its much anticipated augmented reality goggles. We've seen the photo capture feature, and also we've seen Google's CEO, Larry Page, wearing them on stage at Google Zeitgeist. Today, Google released a 15-second, 720p video show from the perspective of a Google employee wearing the glasses while jumping and doing flips on a trampoline.

Although there was no image of how the glasses stayed on the tumbler's head, the video was relatively steady and you do not see the wearer raising his or her hands to steady the glasses at all.  We all see helmet cams that capture the trips of skydivers or zipline adventurers, but those videos always trigger some degree of motion sickness. This Google video is a lot less shaky but is that enough?

This left us wondering what is the maximum resolution that the video will be, and how long it can record at different video resolutions. A takeaway from this video is that we can see the brightness auto adjust relatively accurately as the person looks down and then up into the bright sky.

This is a photo shared by Sebastian Thrun early this month on the Project Glass Google+ page.  Is this adorable? Or is the kid screaming cause daddy looks like Robo Cop?  Something we should not miss is the fact that the camera focused on all the parts that matter during this high speed twirling session. We should also note that the photograph was successfully taken without the assistance of Thrun's hands at what we assume to be the exact moment he wanted to take it.  We don't know how many photos were taken to produce this result, or if Thrun's adorable son threw up after from all the twirling.