For Father's Day, Apps for the Dad Who Wears Too Many Hats

This Father's Day, how about a gift for his gizmo?

We expect a lot from our dads, who might need a little help now and again to meet our expectations. Luckily, the modern man can conveniently pull out his smartphone to find the help he needs -- not that he'd ever admit to needing help.

Here are two great apps dads in particular might like to have available when wearing one of their many hats -- whether that be playing Mr. Fix-It around the house or taking control of the grill.

iHandy Level

Home improvement projects can be a daunting task for anyone -- but savvy fathers know that with the iHandyLevel app, building a birdhouse, hanging a picture, measuring angles in a room, or aligning furniture is that much easier.

This free and functional app is like having a toolbox in your pocket. Simply calibrate your device on any flat surface to ready your smartphone for some serious carpentry. Now get to work!

Download the iHandy Level.

Here’s how it works:

Grill Guide

Most any Dad wants to be master of the grill, but good luck getting him to pull out a cookbook. With the Grill Guide app in his pocket, he doesn’t need to. Grill Guide details from prep to plate hundreds of grilling tips for meat, poultry, fish, veggies and even fruit -- all for only $0.99.

Discover endless possibilities with a "how-to" walk through of every single food. Grill Guide offers specific tips on prepping, seasoning, and when to flip that filet. Start by choosing the food you want to cook, measure the thickness with the app’s “Meat Ruler,” enter the size or amount, and it will tell you how long to grill it, whether it should be on high, medium or low and whether it should be direct or indirect heat.

It seems the Grill Guide app has every grilling possibility -- from burgers to lamb, artichokes to pumpkins, pineapple to grapes. But if you find a food not included the app developers at Dadoo will add it right after you contact them.

These are all suggestions of course -- because especially on Father's Day, no one tells dad what to do!

Download the Grill Guide app.