Cool Site of the Day: Delete Unwanted Internet Accounts

New websites are created all the time. The content may vary, but most require that you create an account. This is especially true of social networking sites like Facebook.

But your website usage changes over time. You might have one or more accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, eBay, Facebook and Google. Which ones are you actually still using?

Over the years, I've created dozens of accounts that I no longer use. That's a lot of personal information floating around. Some websites say they let you delete your old accounts. But that may be easier said than done.

Today's Cool Site, Delete Your Account, makes it easy to take control and delete unwanted accounts yourself. It has a large database of websites that require accounts. You can search for your name and locate accounts you've probably forgotten you created.

You will get a direct link to that site's account deactivation page. Instructions are provided if any special steps are required. More websites are being added to the database all the time.

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