Cool Site of the Day: Meetings Made Easy

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We attend meetings for work, for church and for social groups. The purposes of the meetings are all different, but they all have one thing in common: You'll want to take minutes at the meetings.

Meeting minutes are an important part of the meeting process. They keep everyone on the same page. You can look back and see what was decided and who is doing what.

Unfortunately, meeting minutes are easy to overlook. Maybe no one remembered to take them. Perhaps the person taking the minutes forgot to send them out.

That's where today's Cool Site can be a lifesaver. It lets you take notes digitally in the meeting. After the meeting is over, just email the minutes to the participants. There's no hassle.

That sounds simple, but the service has some nice extra features. It works both online and offline. That's great if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection.

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It is designed for quick typing and tablet use. You can quickly call up old minutes. Plus, it has even more features in the works.

Note: If you're an Internet Explorer user, you'll need IE9 to use this site. It will also work fine in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

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