Check out these stunning sequences in GoPro's high-octane year-in-review video

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GoPro's just released a high-octane compilation video proving that adventurous folks will fix their cameras to just about anything in a bid to get jaw-dropping footage.

In a stunning five-minute piece showcasing not only people's incredible creativity with GoPro's Hero4 cameras but also their apparent willingness to risk life and limb to get the shot, we see wingsuit flyers hurtling through terrifyingly tiny gaps in rocks, snowboarders somersaulting spectacularly off jumps, cyclists going down in a mass pile-up, and rally cars flying through the air. And that's not even the half of it.

In what's basically an extended ad for the Hero4, you'll also find tamer stuff aimed at the family market, with baking, gardening, and of course cats, all featuring. And somehow the camera makes even those subjects look good.

But as you'd expect with GoPro, it's action sports where the diminutive recording device really comes into its own. Featuring an entertaining mix of awesome first-person footage and stunning scenes tracked by drone, the video shows with great effectiveness the kind of content available to anyone equipped with a small video camera and a wild imagination.

Looking to expand its business, the California-based company is gearing up to take on the likes of drone giant DJI with its own remotely controlled copter designed especially for its range of action cameras.

Little is known about the design of the flying machine, though the silky-smooth footage shown off a few months ago suggests that if the price is right, GoPro could well have a hit on its hands.