Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's final DLC pack arrives next week

In life, some things are guaranteed. The leaves will change color, the tide will go in and out, and Activision will support its latest Call of Duty game with a boatload of downloadable content. Advanced Warfare's final content pack, dubbed Reckoning, arrives next week for Xbox platforms, and it looks to build on what makes Sledgehammer's game such a return to form for the series.

Reckoning contains four new multiplayer maps, many of which draw inspiration from the game's single-player locations. Overload is described as an "exotic compound" in the city of New Baghdad, designed for long-range combat, where special "plasma lamps" can be detonated to take out enemy players.

Fracture, meanwhile, takes place in "arctic excavation site," which contains a cracking ice sheet capable of drowning unsuspecting soldiers, and Swarm sees a destroyed Seoul, South Korea as the host of another massive battle. The last map, Quarantine, is similar to Bio Lab from the original Advanced Warfare release, taking place in a "biological testing center" after a virus has been released.

But new maps aren't the only thing included in Reckoning. The pack also contains the last chapter of the Exo Zombies mode, called Descent. The mode sees returning faces such as Bill Paxton, John Malkovich, and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal, as well as Bruce Campbell, most famous for the Evil Dead series. Descent also includes a new "Trident Reflect Energy Weapon" and a "'fused' exo zombie" enemy, which looks suspiciously like a gargoyle in the official trailer.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare -- Reckoning arrives August 4 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with PlayStation and PC versions arriving at a later date. It will set you back $15, and it's also available through the game's season pass.