Blind boy thanks Nintendo for making a video game just for him

Despite having the unfortunate handicap of being blind, a fifth-grader in Japan sent a letter to Nintendo thanking them for making the video game series "Rhythm Heaven," allowing him to play video games.

Hibiki Sakai, who as a baby received surgery to remove his eyes from cancer retinoblastoma, wrote a letter to the Japanese video game giant, saying the series let him practice his musical skills.

"I cannot see with my eyes, but I have always wanted to play games, just like everybody else," he wrote in the letter, first seen by Buzzfeed. "There were hardly any games I could play. The only game I could actually play was 'Rhythm Heaven.' I was able to enjoy only this game with others, and no one could beat me in this game."


Sakai asked the maker of Mario to produce an updated version of the game so that blind children could enjoy it as much as he has.

"I strongly hope you keep making 'Rhythm Heaven' going forward," he wrote. "I can handle it, even if you made it a little bit harder!! I am sure that there are many visually impaired kids besides me who want to but cannot play games. That is why I hope you develop games that people with physical disabilities can enjoy with other people. I will continue to support Nintendo."

In a touching manner, Nintendo responded, saying they were "extremely happy" to hear Sakai enjoyed the "Rhythem Heaven" series.

"Hibiki, your letter will be shared with our game developing team," Nintendo wrote in the letter. "We will keep doing our best to create games that everyone can have fun with. We hope you will keep supporting us."