Acura Debuts Aha by Harmon Infotainment Platform

Acura announced that Aha by Harmon, an interactive infotainment platform will be offered in its RLX vehicles starting in 2013. Aha offers wide variety of stations with web-based content including Internet radio, podcasts and audio books that can be personalized.  Accessible via laptop or smartphone, the platform will be integrated into a redesigned Acura audio systems integrated through Bluetooth.  Aha claims to provide a safe driving experience "that makes sense at 65 mph." Acura is the latest company to partner with Aha joining Ferrari, Honda and Subaru.

Drawing content from the cloud, Acura claims that drivers will receive up-to-date infotainment for the life of the vehicle.  In addition to audio stations, Aha can access social networking feeds such as Facebook and Twitter and point of interest information. Drivers can also customize Aha stations  by mood. Stations can also be prioritized so that favorite stations can take the place of traditional radio presets. However users will still be able to switch back and forth.

No word on pricing details as of yet, but Aha is currently available in the U.S., Canada and Europe.