Tom Coughlin is reportedly looking to get back in the coaching game after his ouster from the New York Giants, though he knows the odds are stacked against him.

The Giants split with Coughlin after 12 years and two championships, a move that reportedly still doesn't sit well with the former coach. But now it appears he's focused on finding a new opportunity somewhere else and not furthering a grudge over his exit in New York.

Speaking to SI's Peter King on Sunday, Coughlin laid out his case for coaching again:

He also made peace, of sorts, with the team's management group that decided a decade-plus under Coughlin was enough for the Giants.

Of course, it's late in the game for Coughlin to find a team willing to hire him as coach. All the offseason openings have been filled, and teams are focused on integrating their new free agents and draft picks.

He had a chance to interview with the Philadelphia Eagles in January, but that didn't go so well.