Report: Wade foundation sued for $50k

Right off the bat, it's necessary to highlight the best part of this story: The name of Dwyane Wade's charitable foundation is "Wade's World." How awesome is that?

Despite its "party time, excellent" name, Wade's World is being sued by a woman, Andrea Alexander, who claims she was injured at an event organized by the foundation, according to TMZ. Alexander, who is from Chicago, says she was hit in the head by a drum mallet, causing her permanent injuries, when a marching band was allowed to perform in aisles that were too small to accommodate it.

The event, "Chicago Has Talent," occurred last year, and Alexander says that the band should not have been allowed to perform in the aisles. (Alexander had an aisle seat.) She is placing the blame for her injuries firmly at the foot of the foundation -- and the venue, and the band's high school, since she's suing them, too.

Alexander is seeking $50,000 for her pain and suffering.