PHOTO: Boston brewery stamps 'Brady Wins' on bottom of beer cans

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One of the strange trends this offseason was the stamping of expiration dates on the bottom of beer cans. It started with an Indy-based brewery stamping "Tom Brady Sux" as the expiration date, to which a Mass.-based one responded with "A. Luck Sux" cans.

To help the football gods lift Brady's suspension, a Boston brewery stamped "Free Tom Brady" on its cans earlier in the offseason, but have since changed that after the suspension was lifted.

Downeast Cider House in Boston put "Brady Wins" on its cans to celebrate Brady's return. Yes, seriously.

It was a strange offseason to say the least. It was one filled with plane banners and beer expiration dates, and thankfully it's all coming to an end.

The Patriots kick off the regular season next Thursday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, ending the madness that is the NFL offseason.

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