Obama, a notable Bears fan, compares himself to Aaron Rodgers

President Obama (left) also happens to be America's most famous Bears fan. Geoff Burke & Jeremy Brevard USA TODAY

Can you imagine President Obama doing a "Discount Double Check" after giving the State of the Union Address?

Probably not, but the President sees similarities between himself and the NFL player who has made that his signature celebration. In an interview with Bill Simmons for GQ, Obama compared himself to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers:

Rodgers is known for his composure, which never seems to falter. He's famous for telling Packers fans to "R-E-L-A-X" when the going gets tough. Much like the All-Pro passer needs to coordinate with his teammates in order to beat the defense, Obama has to work with members of Congress to accomplish his initiatives.

Every American should desire a President who's as good at governing as Rodgers is at quarterbacking. The only people who might have a legitimate gripe with the comparison are Chicago Bears fans. Obama, formerly a senator from Illinois, isn't supposed to hype the one player his hometown team hates most.