Minor league all-star game decided using bizarre hitting-contest tiebreaker

The outcome of a minor league all-star game was decided Wednesday night using a tiebreaker that could become part of baseball's future.

The innovative ending could make extra innings quicker and more interesting, or just make things more complicated.

The Double-A Eastern League All-Star Game, played in Trenton, N.J.,  was tied 4-4 at the end of nine innings. But rather than play extra innings, the teams entered a bizarre hitting contest.

Managers from the Eastern Division and Western Division All-Stars selected one hitter apiece to participate in the event. With two minutes on the clock, each hitter was tasked with hitting as many balls as they could to rack up as many points as possible.

A hit to left or right field was worth five points. A hit to center field was worth 10 points. A home run was worth 100 points and a home run crushed toward dead center that hits the batter’s eye was worth 150 points.

The West selected Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Will Craig and the East selected Philadelphia Phillies prospect Zach Green. The two went toe-to-toe at Arm & Hammer Stadium.

The result: Craig helped the West win, coming away with 305 points. Green tallied 265.

Meanwhile, San Francisco Giants prospect Luigi Rodriguez captured All-Star Game MVP honors. New York Mets prospect Tim Tebow contributed a double in his first at-bat.