Kobe 'can't believe' LeBron was tricked by this highlight move

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Kobe Bryant is 37 years old and crawling his way through the 20th and final season of his career. LeBron James is 31 years old and one of the two best basketball players on the planet.

Read these two sentences out loud, watch the clip below, then try to rationalize a universe that all too often fails to make a lick of sense:

LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers defeated Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers by nine points on Wednesday night, mostly because James cruised to the type of 29-point, 11-assist performance very few opponents can survive. But the King did not walk away unharmed.

Even though Kobe finished with just 17 points on 31.3 percent shooting, his final spin move surely put a dent in LeBron's ego:

James' next and very last opportunity to exact revenge is March 10 in L.A. It's not a game you'll want to miss.