Gilbert Arenas disagrees, responds to disturbing story from Caron Butler's memoir

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Earlier this week, terrifying details from Caron Butler's new memoir were excerpted in The Washington Post about Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton's notorious gun-related locker room quarrel.

It's a scary story. But after reading Butler's version of events, Arenas took to Instagram to say he doesn't agree. The posts were deleted shortly after Arenas posted them online, but you can read them in their entirety right here.

This quickly devolved into a he-said, he-said dispute that makes knowing what truly happened almost impossible. Still, Butler is the more reputable source here, considering his account was published in a book and Arenas (who doesn't come off great in Butler's version) decided to ramble a response on his Instagram account.

Either way, what happened is truly disgusting, and it's about that time everyone should move on from it completely.