Did this dog correctly pick all 10 NFL playoff games?

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This year's iteration of the NFL playoffs hasn't been the most exciting or surprising. The games have been fairly predictable, with only two of 10 decided by fewer than 10 points. Plus, there have been only two true upsets, Packers and Steelers wins, but outside of those, the higher seed advanced each time.

That doesn't make the following video any less impressive. Yowie, the very smart pup of Jeffrey Smee from Pittsburgh, has correctly picked the winner of every postseason game -- 10-for-10. Smee put a treat in a bowl to represent each matchup, and whichever one she picked would be her selection for that game.

He compiled all 10 of her picks into the video above, as well as uploading her picks each week before the weekend's games. For example:

Now, we do have to use a bit of caution. While we have little reason to believe this is fake, this is the Internet we're talking about. We want this to be real just as badly as you do.