Bowden reveals he had prostate cancer

Legendary former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden revealed Tuesday that he underwent treatment for prostate cancer in 2007.

Bowden revealed the treatment by appearing on ABC's 'Good Morning America' and giving an interview to USA Today, in an effort to raise awareness of the disease.

Bowden said in his Good Morning America (GMA) interview that his doctor called, concerned about blood tests that had been taken as part of a routine exam. Bowden said he was told to meet Joe Camps -- a former Seminoles defensive back who became a urologist -- and bring his wife.

But after being given the diagnosis and the treatment plan was outlined, Bowden said he was clear of cancer in six months.

Bowden, 81, retired after the 2009 season after 34 years as Florida State's head coach. He totaled 377 career victories during his entire head-coaching career, with two national titles (1993 and '99) with the Seminoles.

He said on GMA that he didn't go public when he was treated because it might have hurt the Florida State program, particularly in recruiting.

"When you're coaching, you're looking for some kind of break where you can get an advantage on the other guy," Bowden told GMA. "If word got out that Bobby Bowden had cancer, they'd have me dying [in] the headline."

He said he didn't think much of the disease at the time, but now wants to use his status as a survivor to raise awareness.

According to the American Cancer Society, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. The ACS also said it's the second- leading cause of cancer death in American men -- one in 36 -- behind only lung cancer.