'Mikey and the Dragons' by Jocko Willink

From the publisher:  How does a child learn to overcome their fears? In this captivating and spirited rhyming story, New York Times bestselling author Jocko Willink, explains how a boy named Mikey, learns to overcome his fears by reading a story.

Mikey stumbles upon the book about a young prince who must fight the dragons that threaten his village. The prince is scared, but finds a note from his father the King, which explains how the prince can overcome his fear of the dragons. From that lesson, Mikey learns what he must do when he feels fear.

The timeless lessons of this book will resonate with readers young and old. The fun and witty verse entertains both reader and listener as the story within a story unfolds. The story starts introducing the main character, Mikey:

There once was a little boy named Mike

And there were many things in the world that he didn’t like.

He was scared of spiders and beetles and bugs,

And always thought they hid under the rugs.

They were creepy and crawly and nasty and mean,

And he ran from every bug he’d ever seen.

But it wasn’t only insects that gave Mike a scare.

There were many other things for which Mike didn’t care…

After learning about Mikey, the reader then enters a story within a story, as Mikey reads about the young prince who must protect the village from the dragons after the death of the King:

But now that the king had died and was gone,

There was only one person to fight and carry on.

And that person wasn’t big or mighty or strong,

In fact, he hadn’t been alive that long.

Now the person who had dragons to chase,

Was just a boy with a smiling face.

Yes, the person that must now stand up and be bold,

Was just the little prince who was only seven years old…

And so the stories are set. Can the young prince defeat the dragons? Can Mikey learn to overcome his fears? Read Mikey and the Dragons to find out.