Ryan says Trump is 'a man of action' after Capitol Hill meeting

House Speaker Paul Ryan described his meeting Thursday with President-elect Donald Trump on Capitol Hill as "exciting" in an  interview on "Special Report with Bret Baier," while also elaborating on what the two discussed about the GOP legislative agenda.

After first visiting the White House, Ryan, R-Wis., took Trump on a tour of the Speakers Balcony overlooking the National Mall, the scene of Trump's upcoming inauguration before the two went into a meeting.

"I can tell you, what I got out of Donald Trump today is that this is a man of action," he said.

When Trump emerged from the meeting, he sketched out an initial list of priorities for his presidency.

"We're going to move very strongly on immigration," Trump said. "We will move very strongly on health care. And we're looking at jobs. Big league jobs."

Ryan told Fox News that he and Trump "are on the same page" on securing the border. When asked in regards to building Trump's long-proposed border wall, Ryan said he will "defer to the experts" on the right way to secure the nation's border.

He also said the two discussed replacing ObamaCare, and the fixing parts of Medicare and Medicaid that were affected by the law.

Ryan pointed to the current state of the Republican party as a major strength for Trump going forward, saying members of the party are "excited" to work with the president-elect. He contrasted that with the current state of the Democratic party in the wake of Hillary Clinton's defeat on Tuesday, which he described as "in turmoil."

The GOP holding both houses of Congress for Trump will be a major difference compared to during the Obama presidency, according to Ryan, who described the previous situation as "extremely frustrating."

"With a unified Republican government we can actually get things done for people in this country," he said.

The upcoming debt ceiling in March will provide "an opportunity" for Republicans, according to Ryan

"Thankfully we're doing it with a Republican president and Republican Congress," he said.