Christine ‘I’m Not A Witch’ O’Donnell Now Says She Is Victim Of ‘Witch Hunt’

Former Delaware Republican Senate nominee ChristineO’Donnell infamously declared during her 2010campaign that she was “not a witchâ€but on Friday told a judge that she now believes she is thevictim of a “witch hunt.â€

O’Donnell made the comments in response to alawsuit from the Federal Election Commission that says sheimproperly used campaign funds for personal expenses.

According to the Associated Press, the“lawsuit claims O’Donnell used at least$20,000 in campaign contributions to pay bills at a town house thatalso served as her 2010 Senate campaignheadquarters…O’Donnell, a Republican, claims she didnothing wrong. She argues that campaigns are allowed to leaseheadquarters space and are not prohibited from subleasing space toa candidate for a residence.â€

In 2010, O’Donnell pulled off a surpriseprimary victory against Delaware Republican Rep. Mike Castle withthe aid of tea partiers from across the country. She went on tolose in the general election to now Democratic Sen. ChrisCoons.

During the campaign, O’Donnell released an adresponding to her well-publicized comments as a politicalcommentator quipping that she once “dabbled inwitchcraft.â€

“I’m not a witch,â€O’Donnell said in the ad.“I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’myou.”

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