Former Walmart exec responds to reported strike threat over gun sales: Ban 'won't solve the problem'

A ban on sales of firearms by Walmart will not solve the problem of recurring mass shootings, according to the company's American division's former CEO.

The solution to gun violence can only be achieved through action by Congress or the nation at-large, Bill Simon claimed Tuesday on "Your World."

"The events this weekend were just horrifying and like every American, I'm personally very saddened and praying for all those impacted," he said.

"The answer is one that's going to have to be delivered by the country and by Congress. Retailers simply stopping selling guns won't solve the problem.


"By most accounts, there's about 200 million guns in civilian hands in this country and about 5 million AR-type weapons."

Earlier Tuesday, a Walmart corporate employee in San Bruno, Calif., suggested via mass email a strike should commence due to the retailer profiting off firearm sales, according to Business Insider.

In response, Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove released a statement that was read by host Neil Cavuto.

"There are many more constructive avenues for associates to offer feedback, such as email or leader conversations, and the vast majority of associates who want to share their views are taking advantage of those options," Hargrove wrote in the statement.


In his interview, Simon said Walmart hasn't sold high-powered weapons in a long time.

The former Walmart U.S. CEO said the company stopped marketing handguns many years ago and now mostly sell more simple rifles and shotguns popular among outdoorsmen.

"Just simply stopping the sales won't accomplish what everybody's after," he added.

The mass shooting Saturday in El Paso, Texas, took place at a Walmart.