Varney likens Sanders, Warren to controversial figure: 'On both sides of the Atlantic, the socialists will lose'

Fox Business host Stuart Varney likened 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to the leader of Britain's Labour Party and issued a strong warning to outspoken socialists in his Fox Nation show "My Take." 

"I'm happy to say that on both sides of the Atlantic, the socialists will lose."

— Stuart Varney, Fox Business host

"It is amazing how similar Britain's Jeremy Corbyn is to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren," Varney said. "They are in lockstep. This is not the kind of special relationship I would prefer, but I'm happy to say that on both sides of the Atlantic, the socialists will lose."

"Mark that down," he reiterated, "Corbyn, Sanders, Warren. They will lose."

Varney said the "baselines of Anglo-American socialism revolves around anger at the rich, and jealousy of wealth."

"Corbyn reversed business tax cuts, raised taxes on high-income people, raised the estate tax, a new tax on oil companies, and he takes special aim at billionaires. That's almost exactly the same as the Warren-Sanders tax plans. Right down to the hit on freeloading billionaires," said the Fox Business host.

According to Varney, the trio sees eye to eye on most issues, including climate policy, healthcare, and tax plans.

"How about climate policy?" Varney asked. "Hardly any difference. The Green New Deal here is a lot like what they call the Green Transformation over there. Drastic cuts in emissions in a very short time. Everybody switch to electric cars. Tax the fossil fuel industry to death and spend, spend, spend on anything green.

"Corbin, Warren and Sanders all see dire climate predictions as a socialist opportunity. college here. And of course, the Brits already have free healthcare. Warren and Sanders want the same free health care here. Good luck," he said.

"And here's another similarity. Neither the Brits nor Americans want the radical transformation that the socialists demand. Massive tax hikes and a forced green revolution do not bring prosperity. They bring recession, perhaps depression and certainly national decline. And investors, voters, they know it.

"The special socialist relationship will disappear when the votes are counted," Varney concluded, "and that's a wonderful thing."

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