Rachel Campos Duffy urges parents to teach children 'what makes America great'

In the latest episode of "Dana Perino's Book Club" available exclusively on Fox Nation, Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy discussed her new children's book "Paloma Wants to be Lady Freedom," and urged parents to educate their children on the greatness of the country in light of today's divisive political climate.

"There's not a lot of patriotic books. This book is about our home, about America and why we should all be so grateful," said Campos-Duffy.

Campos-Duffy's new book "Paloma" is named after her daughter, who fell in love with the Statue of Freedom on top of the U.S. Capitol dome during a visit when she was four years old. The book explores the history of the statue, what it represents, and provides children and young readers with an exciting and fresh perspective on the greatness of America, she explained.


Campos-Duffy also stressed the importance of educating children while they're young and credited books as an effective means to do so.

"I took a children's literature class when I was in college, and it really got me hooked on it ... understanding that it is the best way to impart knowledge -- and so many of the great [children's] books ... there's a reason why those are classics  -- there is just something timeless about them -- but there's also really good books coming out now for children," she explained.

Host Dana Perino observed that many U.S. schools are failing to properly educate students about civics, and Campos-Duffy urged both parents and schools to make more of an effort on that front.

"It's very trendy right now to talk a lot about diversity and that's a wonderful thing and I happen to be Hispanic ... but we're not telling our kids enough stories about what makes us the same ... what unites us is that we're all Americans, we all love freedom, we all love the American dream," Campos-Duffy explained.

Perino agreed, and called on "parents and grandparents who are concerned that young people in their lives aren't getting enough of a feel for what makes this country great" to buy "Paloma."

"Why do we do the things that we do? Why do we want to become a citizen? What does it mean to become a citizen? ... This is a book that helps people have those conversations," Perino said.

Campos-Duffy pointed out that studies show college students are "the most ambivalent about free speech," a fact that she believes represents a larger issue.

"It tells us something about what we're not doing, what we're not imparting to our children in terms of values, what freedom means, what the idea of being an American is all about -- it's always been about free speech," she said.

To see the full interview and for more from Rachel Campos-Duffy about raising her family, and the values she imparts on her eight children, watch the latest episode of "Dana Perino's Book Club" today.


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