Ohio mom recovering from coronavirus describes early symptoms: 'Unlike anything I've ever had before'

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Ohio resident Amy Driscoll told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Wednesday that she is still experiencing symptoms a week after learning that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

"It was quite the experience," Driscoll said. "I wasn't prepared to be sick. When I got sick, I really wasn't thinking about it, and I went from being, you know, doing my everyday life, and, ten hours later, I was really suffering, struggling to breathe, struggling to take a deep breath."

Driscoll, 48, said she was at work one day when she experienced chest pain, accompanied by fever and a "very heavy" dry cough.

"It was just really quite scary, and unlike anything I've ever had before."

— Amy Driscoll, 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

"It was just really quite scary, and unlike anything I've ever had before," she explained.

"My heart was racing. When I woke up from having fallen asleep on the couch after I had gotten home from work, my heart was just racing, kind of all over the place, and I just really struggled to get a deep breath in. My chest hurt terribly, and it felt like I had a vice grip around my chest. It was really not like anything I had ever had before," Driscoll explained.


A week after first experiencing symptoms, Driscoll said her cough and fever are gone, but she is "still not better."

" I struggle to go up and down the steps," she said. "I feel like my brain says, 'Go ahead and do the things you want to do,' and then I get up and my body is like, 'Oh, no, we are not doing that.'"

Driscoll told Tucker Carlson she continues to feel "extremely weak," but remains optimistic.


"Tired. Napping. The cough is gone, the fever is gone, the headache still lingers ... it has just really been quite a recovery, but I'm starting to feel a little better."