Lisa Boothe reveals the comment that will hurt Joe Biden the most against Trump

While former Vice President Joe Biden is gaining momentum ahead of Super Tuesday, "Outnumbered" panelist Lisa Boothe said on Tuesday that the 2020 presidential hopeful’s past comments on moving away from fossil fuels, among others, will backfire in the general election.

“The biggest thing that Biden has said that would get him in trouble in the general election is his comments on eliminating fossil fuels,” Boothe said.


“If you look at [swing] states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, that’s not going to play there. That’s going to have an impact."

Fighting for survival amid a shrinking Democratic presidential field as voting got underway in the 14 Super Tuesday states, Sen. Elizabeth Warren took direct aim at rival Joe Biden and pitched herself as the compromise candidate between what she characterized as the “insider” former vice president and the “outsider” – populist independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Speaking at a Super Tuesday eve event in Monterey Park, Calif., Warren characterized Biden – not Sanders – as a risk to the Democratic Party and the country.

"I respect his years of service. But no matter how many Washington insiders tell you to support him, nominating their fellow Washington insider will not meet this moment. Nominating a man who says we do not need any fundamental change in this country will not meet this moment,” Warren emphasized.


Boothe also cited other comments Biden has made and cited allegations of corruption that would deny him the “moral high ground” while facing President Trump in the general election.

“Comments he said that poor kids could be just as bright as white kids and comments he made about 7-Eleven and Indian accents … those comments don’t play well. So, I mean, if you’re running against Joe Biden you have to figure out a way to deny him the moral high ground and muddy the waters," she said.

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser, Tara Prindiville contributed to this report.