Top Jimmy Hoffa expert calls for new search for notorious mobster's remains

America's foremost expert on mobster Jimmy Hoffa said that U.S. law enforcement should open a new search for Hoffa's body, after a second claim has bolstered the contention that the remains of the Teamsters boss were transported to New Jersey after he was murdered in Detroit on July 30th, 1975.

"We need the law enforcement community to come into this situation to help us solve this case once and for all," said Dan Moldea, Washington, D.C. investigative journalist and Hoffa expert, on "America's News HQ" on Saturday. "We are right there at the precipice of doing it."

In the course of the ongoing Fox Nation investigation, "Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa," Eric Shawn and Moldea interviewed Frank Coppola, who is the son of the co-owner of the New Jersey dump that the FBI was informed was a likely spot where Hoffa was buried.  Coppola told them that his father accepted Hoffa's body, which was stuffed in a 55-gallon drum, and he later told his son where it was buried.

"His father then took a front-loader, put the drum into the bottom of a hole -- 18 to 15 feet deep -- and then he piled 15 to 30, 55-gallon drums on top of it," said Moldea recounting Coppola's story.

"I think a ground radar detector would go flashing out of control if they went over on this site," argued Moldea, saying that law enforcement should take notice.

A separate and independent claim, detailed in a new episode of "Riddle" corroborates that Hoffa's body was transported to the Garden State. Philip Mosacto, Jr. told Fox Nation that his father, Genovese Crime family mobster Philip "Brother" Moscato, Sr., told him the location of where Hoffa was buried.

Shawn stressed that their investigation has raised the possibility that Hoffa's body may have been moved from the Jersey City landfill to yet another location.

An additional site that has been identified by Fox Nation as a possible burial site, is a specific portion of the parking lot at Met Life Stadium. Fox Nation has multiple sources of information regarding that location and will be reporting those findings in the near future.


Shawn echoed Moldea's calls for more involvement from the government and law enforcement. "I've been calling on the federal government to release the FBI files, release all the Hoffa files, and I think investigators should investigate these claims. What say you?" asked Shawn.

"I couldn't agree more," replied Moldea.  "What you and I, I think, have established was that Hoffa's body was sent to New Jersey and the first place it went was 'Brother' Moscato's dump.  Now the question is whether it is still there or whether they moved it."

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