"Watters' World" host Jesse Watters slammed mainstream media Saturday for its ties to corporate America and Democrat politics, saying "big media and big tech have officially merged" with the Democrat party. 

JESSE WATTERS: The digital revolution, the age of the internet. This was supposed to give Americans access to everything we wanted to know, and the ability to communicate whatever we wanted to, to anybody we wanted to. Information was supposed to be democratized and liberated from the clutches of a few newspaper barons and network news chiefs. But, in the last few years, powerful interests have reconsolidated control over information, and are selling lies for profit.

Never before in American history have a handful of companies had so much power. These companies dominate American communications, news, and information. Big media and big tech have officially merged with one political party – the same party that now controls the State. The merger presents an unprecedented danger to the American people, a danger to the truth. Because we’re being manipulated for money.

Let’s name names. The big media parent companies, that’s where the action is. CNN, which is owned by Warner Media, is owned by AT&T. MSNBC, NBC News, owned by Comcast. CBS owned by Viacom and they’re owned by National Amusements. ABC, as everybody knows, is owned by Disney. New York Times is half a family business with large outside investors. And, the Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man.

These big media companies, and their parent companies, control nearly 100% of American news coverage and content. They control the narrative. If they don’t cover something, it doesn’t exist. They create the scandals, or they cover them up. They employ thousands of producers, executives, anchors, writers, and reporters. Most every news element you consume, they have their hands all over it. And they have their hands in politics too.