GA elections official blasts 'disgusting' comparisons of new voter law to Jim Crow

Gabriel Sterling says most of media not fact-checking claims by Biden, Abrams

Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer for the Georgia Secretary of State's office, said Wednesday on the "Fox News Rundown Podcast" that it's "disgusting" for some on the left to claim the state's new election law will suppress minority votes.

Sterling, who rejected former President Donald Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud in the state, said the mainstream media is doing a "disservice" to the public by accepting claims by Stacey Abrams and other Democratic politicians at "face value."


GABRIEL STERLING: It's disgusting, it's wrong, it's playing people's emotions. I mean, to compare what is generally a boring election administration bill to people suppressing Blacks' votes in the 1870s is insanity. It's hyperbole that is dangerous.

Let me tell you what happened on the Thursday they passed this bill. The business community said this is a good compromise. The Republicans who were there said it was a good compromise. It didn't go as far as a lot of those initially introduced bills. But what happened was Stacey Abrams and her group got on a conference call with the press and said, no, no, make no mistake, this is Jim Crow 2.0. And the reason they did it was because no matter what was passed in the state, their press release was ready: 'Georgia passes voter suppression,' insert whatever they pass here, and they were ready to go because they needed to raise money to turn out votes. They needed to keep people's emotions stirred up and their anger and rage going.


[The law] really expands early voting. And the president got four Pinocchio's from The Washington Post for characterizing them cutting back on early voting in this. [Biden] was wrong. ... He was not being served well by his staff ... Nobody's actually read the 98-page bill. They're looking at the press releases from either side and accepting what they're saying like it's being spooned to a baby. They all just accept what they're saying without any critical thought.

What I find interesting is a lot of the mainstream media who criticized and examined every claim of President Trump takes similar claims from this president and Stacey Abrams and accepts it at face value. And it's not fair and it's wrong as a disservice to the American people and the people of Georgia.

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