Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, explained why President Biden's White House should apologize to former President Trump's administration Tuesday on "Fox News Primetime."


REP. DAN CRENSHAW: If you listen to the left-wing media, their big metrics for success in COVID are case numbers and deaths. So by those metrics, Biden is … far more of a failure. Way more people have died. Way more cases have begun under the year 2021 under President Biden. So those are the metrics. Now what this administration is finding out is that they owe the Trump administration an apology because part of what Kamala Harris said is, in fact, correct. It's really not anybody's fault here that the virus spreads. It's a global pandemic. … We do know 100% for sure that the Chinese sought to hide it from the world. For whatever reason they had, they sought to hide it and it left the rest of the world helpless. So that's true. But what is also true is that you owe the Trump administration somewhat of an apology. There's only so much our government can do to stop this kind of thing. And you know what? I don't think Operation Warp Speed would have happened under the Biden administration. … They … have an antipathy toward the private sector. They don't like working with the private sector. They would not have done this public-private relationship to get more treatments and more vaccines online.

[Democrats have] been [fear-mongering] for years at this point, and I think the American people are sick of it and they see past it. … [T]he truth is, our hospitalizations are about half what they were at the peaks of 2020. So look, we can get through this. There's no need to panic. Tell people that if they're vaccinated, they will be safer. … But leave it at that. Let people make their own choice.