Critical race theory is 'weaponizing of young people' against America, Minnesota activist says

A St. Xavier University professor lectured Loyola Academy students on their 'Whiteness' last October

TakeChargeMN president Kendall Qualls, a former congressional candidate in the Twin Cities area, condemned a White Illinois professor who lectured prep school students that White people should "quit pretending" they are not racist – in an interview on "America's Newsroom."

QUALLS: This is a full-throttle indoctrination program that has been going on now in our country for at least 10 years and it is more than that. A weaponization of our young people. I tell people this, Bill. African-Americans are doing great in this country and they ask me what do you mean? I talk about truly African-Americans. 

Those that come from Nigeria, that come here legally as legal immigrants earn 17% more than the average American. Not 17% more than the average Black American. 17% more than the average American because they made a choice to come here. They haven’t been indoctrinated like a lot of native-born Americans.

And it's not just Nigerians -- Black people from the Caribbean islands. They have not been told this country is a place that is discriminatory, that is bad for Black people. They are embracing the true principles of this country.