Today's Guests

  • Mark Armstrong

    Son of Neil Armstrong 

  • Daniel Hoffman

    Former CIA chief of station; Fox News contributor

  • Tony Perkins

    Commissioner, U.S. Commission On International Religious Freedom

  • Judge Andrew Napolitano

    Fox News senior judicial analyst 

  • Walid Phares

    Fox News national security and foreign affairs analyst  

  • Charles Payne

    Host, "Making Money With Charles Payne" 

  • Brit Hume

    Fox News senior political analyst

  • Gen. Jack Keane

    Fox News senior strategic analyst

  • Karl Rove

    Fmr. White House deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush; Fox News contributor

  • Marc Thiessen

    Columnist, The Washington Post; Fox News contributor

  • Sean Spicer

    Former White House press secretary