Sesame Street fans rejoice on Twitter as Waze announces return of Cookie Monster voice

In honor of Cookie Monster's birthday, Waze has now added his voice as an option to direct drivers from Point A to Point B.

"November 2nd was @MeCookieMonster's birthday, so we’ve brought his voice and mood back to Waze. Use them while you can. Sure, cookies may be great to celebrate with, but this is even better," Waze wrote in a tweet.

Earlier this year, Waze released several voices from the iconic children’s show "Sesame Street" but Cookie became an overwhelming favorite. In August, the navigation app faced backlash after some noticed that his voice was no longer offered as an available voice feature. The limited-time feature made a return this week, and Sesame Street fans took to social media to express their delight.

"I love Cookie Monster on Waze! It went away for a little bit and I got stuck with some chick named Amy, but I'm so happy he is back. I enjoy the giggle: 'Police reported ahead! Do you see them? Do you think they want cookie,'" one fan wrote on Twitter.

"If you use @waze and haven’t yet changed your voice to @MeCookieMonster you are seriously missing out. It’s got me laughing so hard," wrote another fan.

While many rejoiced over Cookie's return to the GPS navigation software, some expressed safety concerns over the raspy, muffled voice.

"Whatever you do don’t make Cookie Monster your @waze voice. Scares the [expletive] out of me on a daily basis," one user wrote.

Another added, "forgot I changed my Waze voice to Cookie Monster... I almost ran off the road when I heard the GPS say “turn right nom nom nom.”"

Discussing the latest on their Fox Nation show "Laura and Raymond," hosts Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo weighed in on the controversial voice feature.


"I actually downloaded this onto my phone the other day," said Arroyo, "and this is very dangerous because Cookie Monster, when he's giving you directions sounds like a bartender with a speech impediment. I literally don't know what he's saying...I think it's a very dangerous thing," he said.

The Sesame Street addition joins the long list of limited-time voices offered by the app over the years. Other favorites include Elvis Presley, Jay Leno, Neil Patrick Harris, Morgan Freeman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Currently, along with Cookie Monster there is an option for a “Boy Band” voice pack as well.

According to Digital Trends, some of the most popular previously featured voice packs that people want to see make a comeback are Star Wars C3PO and Grand Tour hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

Waze smartphone and tablet software was originally developed by Israeli-owned Waze Mobile but was acquired by Google in June of 2013 for $966 million. At the present time, Waze has roughly 130 million subscribers.

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